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Your Learning Path

Training that makes you the ‘you’ you always wanted to be.

What is JAR Matrix?

JAR Matrix is more than just an online training provider for good manufacturing practices in cosmetic manufacturing industry. Keeping pace with continually changing standards is hard work. Yet it's essential to keep your skills sharpened and continue to make an impact within your team, company and sector and progress your career.

Training Designed To Grow With You

That's why we've created a unique suite of friendly, easy-to-learn courses to help you in two important areas:

  1. Equipping you with knowledge
    When you develop your own knowledge and experience, you'll be equipped to make better and more informed decisions.
  2. Skills to execute your vision
    With the right information and knowledge, all you need is the skills in order to be successful. We help you to develop the key industry skills for your sector and put them into practice at the right time.

Why Should I Use It

We thrive on engaging your interest and commitment to the course and are confident our training will improve your effectiveness. Our courses will help you progress and learn to deal with situations ranging from simple actions to complicated plans. They will teach you how to learn from others and encourage you to learn from your own experiences.

Our courses are set up using different levels, ranging from basic to complex. The introductory modules are for an overall understanding of the subject matter and a great introduction for novice users. Learners then progress through the modules as they increase in complexity and hone more in-depth skills. It means you can pick and choose how you learn, working at your personal level and ramping up your skills quickly and efficiently as needed.

Due to the way the courses are laid out, we can create more personalised training programmes and create a personal development pathway for each user. Get in touch with us and find out how we can fit a specific programme around your needs.

The courses and modules can be completed directly on our website or on our learning management system JAR Matrix Portal, depending on the type of registration you complete. It’s all about giving you the ease of completing the courses where and when you want.

How it works

You can register either as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) user and take advantage of learning on your own schedule, or subscribe to the complete platform (JAR Matrix Portal) and have access to every course and our entire library.

Pay As You Go users (PAYG)

These users can book and pay for courses which will then be loaded into your learning Dashboard where you can easily keep track of them all. You will also have access to a limited content library. Contact us to find out more about our library of courses.

Subscribed users (JAR Matrix Portal)

These users have access to our whole learning management system, the JAR Matrix Portal. Once you become a subscribed user, you will have access to our entire library and discounts on existing and future courses.
You will also have the advantage of getting personalised learning recommendations to make the most of your time.

Our pricing structure

Along with the some free content we make available, you will also be able to access some fantastic programmes. We believe training should always come at a reasonable price.

That is why we’ve developed a modular system. As the user, you can choose which courses and depth of topic suits you best and save on our courses and modules. All our content is broken down into bite-size modules with a set price for each.

We can then put two or more modules together which you can purchase as a discounted bundle. Subscribed users can get further discounts on modules and courses in addition to being able to purchase content from our complete library.


Your Path to an “OMG Pinch Me” Career

We can organise any combination of courses to suit each individual user - if you have any questions, please contact us via email or via the website

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