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About Us

Why We Started JAR Matrix

With over 20 years of experience with working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing industry, the team behind JAR Matrix knows how vital it is to offer essential training to the employees of small to medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to our own experiences working for various companies and seeing the struggles faced with providing training to employees we bring a unique solution to training. Our training is designed to provide basic but critical knowledge based on targeted topic areas. This is then built further with company-specific or industry specific details. This ensures that the employee has a thorough understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it. When this is blended in with internal company standardized procedures and protocols, a whole rounded approach to training is achieved.

JAR Matrix Brings Something New

At JAR Matrix we believe that the training of your people is a key element in ensuring success and compliance in the manufacturing of cosmetic products.

We don’t just train your people, more importantly, we show them the value of these practices and how they add value to the business and their careers.

It’s about making things relatable, about speaking in terms everyone will understand, offering different ways to learn and ensuring that everyone finishes a course with a really thorough understanding of the topic.

Businesses can get a deeper understanding on personnel skill sets, gaps and competency levels. This can then be used to measure performance and support continual development.

We are excited to collaborate with businesses and individuals on your journey through good manufacturing and quality management systems and look forward to welcoming you to JAR Matrix.

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