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Root cause Analysis and Tools

Course Description:

Problem-solving is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Good problem-solving skills can help you identify and correct problems quickly before they cause serious damage. By understanding the root causes of problems, you can implement lasting solutions that will improve your organization's overall efficiency. 

This course provides you with an overview of Root Cause Analysis, including when to use the technique and the steps involved. The course also includes 5Whys, Cause and Effect Analysis and Casual Factor Charting all of which are tools that can help identify the Root Cause of a Problem.  

The Five Why's is a simple yet powerful tool for finding a problem's root cause. It is based on the principle that every problem has a root cause, and that by asking ""why"" five times, you can identify the real cause of the problem.

Causal Factor Charting is a tool that can be used to identify the causes of a problem. It involves mapping out the different factors that contribute to the problem, and then identifying which of these factors are the most important.

Cause and Effect Analysis is a tool that can be used to identify the causes and effects of a problem. It involves identifying all of the possible causes of a problem and testing each one to see if it is the cause. Cause and Effect Analysis can be used to identify the root cause of a problem.

Learning Outcome:

  • What Root Cause Analysis is
  • When to use Root Cause Analysis and its importance
  • How to perform Root Cause Analysis
  • What the 5 Whys technique is
  • The benefits of using this technique
  • How to use the 5 Whys technique
  • Understand Causal Factor Charting
  • Explain how and when to use it
  • Explain the “Cause and Effect Analysis” technique
  • Describe the steps on how to use it
  • Explain the benefits of using this tool

Course Features

Modules : 4
Duration : 2 Hour(s)
Language : English
Assessment : Self
Skill Level : Entry

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Course Content(s)

Root Cause Analysis (TBRC0104)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a powerful tool for uncovering and fixing problems in Good Manufacturing Practice environments. This module provides an overview of the technique, outlining when to use it and walking through each step involved. Utilizing this systematic process can help you identify root causes of issues quickly so that corrective action may be taken efficiently.

The 5 WHYs technique (TB5W0104)

This module offers an in-depth look into the 5 Whys technique and its application as a problem-solving tool in GMP. By asking five pointed questions, this method enables us to trace deeper roots of any issue – unlocking quick resolution while saving time! The power behind it is immense; harnessing it will enable businesses to ensure problems are effectively navigated - no matter their complexity or magnitude.

Cause and Effect Analysis (TBCE0103)

Cause-and-Effect Analysis is a tool that assists in discovering all related factors within an issue. Using this technique helps uncover the root causes of any problem at hand and allows for better investigation of each component. This module is designed to help you get acquainted with utilizing such analysis; understanding when it should be used and how will lead to more productive resolutions.

Causal Factor Charting (TBCF0103)

With Causal factor charting, you can get to the root of any problem and prevent it from happening again. This module will help identify underlying issues at work quickly and efficiently, allowing your team to avoid future trouble spots while honing in on long-term solutions.

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