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Flow Charts & Process Maps

Course Description:

How often have you thought about streamlining a process in your organization but not been sure where to start? Or perhaps you've struggled to understand a process when it's described to you in detail. Creating process maps and flow charts is an important part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). By documenting and standardizing production processes, companies can ensure that they are consistently producing accurate products.

Flow charts and process maps provide a visual representation of a process, making it easier to understand and communicate. They can also help identify potential problems and areas for improvement.

Creating a flow chart or process map is often the first step in improving a process. By understanding the current process, companies can identify potential problems and areas for improvement.

This module covers the basics of flowcharts and process maps and provides examples of how you can create them and use them at work.

Learning Outcome:

  • Describe what a Flowchart is
  • Identify when a Flowchart should be used
  • Explain the various symbols or building blocks used in a Flowchart
  • Demonstrate the use of the symbols
  • Describe what a Process Map is
  • Identify when a Process Map should be used
  • Describe the various types of Process Maps
  • Understand how to construct a process map

Course Features

Modules : 2
Duration : 1 Hour(s)
Language : English
Assessment : Self
Skill Level : Entry

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Course Content(s)

Process Maps (TBPM0103)

Unlock the secrets of process maps and discover how they can empower you to plan, manage, and execute complex tasks with ease. Get a detailed overview on when and how to incorporate this powerful tool into your workflow – all while enjoying its myriad benefits!

Flow Charts (TBFC0102)

Flowcharts are the perfect tool to help you gain a better understanding of how different elements interact and come together. In this module, we'll provide an overview of what flowcharts can do for your workflow – plus some examples showing just how useful they can be in practice!

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